The Animal Spirit Church sees our next in animals.



The Animal Spirit Church is open for everyone, who isn’t unconcernd against the suffering of animals, who doesn’t want to look at it deedless! It is a church without borders or boundaries! You don’t have to share all of our views or opinions! You don’t even have to believe in our God to be one of our members, to be a part of us! It is enough if you share with us the great concern for our brothers and sister in need, the animals, and the wish to end their suffering!



If you do so, you are already one of us!



 Then it is: „Welcome at Animal Spirit Church! The worldwide unique and only church for humans and animals!“


  • We are convinced that animals, being creatures of God, were made by his hands and therefore are owned by Him. (1)
  • We believe and are indeed convinced that there is a spark of life in animals, exactly the same as that given by God to mankind. (2)
  • Animals do have soul (Genesis 2:7). (3)
  • God called animals to life, for their own being and for his glory. (4)
  • Animals are a reflection of godly soul.(5)
  • It is not only humankind that reflects the image of God, but also every other creature called by Him to life. Every one of which accords with its nature.(6)
  • Animal Spirit Church is a community of Christians, who relate to the deposit of faith, evangelical message and Christian tradition as well as views and teachings of Fathers of the church and want to live the values of Good News of Jesus from Nazaret, without exclusion of animals. Animal Spirit Church sees in animals its neighbours, places them on the same level as humans and fights for their rights and embraces their suffering with the same care as the suffering and needs of men. (91)
  • Animal Spirit Church being a community rooted and based on the foundations of values of Christian tradition is an ecumencial community undertaking cooperation with any church or faith, community of people who believe in God as well as atheists if only they undertake or will undertake actions aimed at improving life and the situation of suffering world of animal beings. (92)
  • Following the teachings of Jesus Christ himself, who claimed that who is not against us is with us (Mark 9:40), Animal Spirit Church is prepared to undertake cooperation with everyone who is determined to truly and authenticaly engage for improvement of the situation of suffering world of animal beings. (95)
  • To be with us or to participate in our Church, you do not have to share every our view or even believe in our God. It is good enough to care about the fate of our brother and sister animals and aspire to put an end to the suffering of animals together with us. Animal Spirit Church sees in animals its neighbours. (96)




 „You Christians 

look after a document

containing enough dynamite

to blow all civilisation to pieces,

turn the world upside down,

and bring peace to a battle-torn planet.”





Thesis of Animal Spirit Church
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